Thursday, 29 August 2013


Our Big Idea: 

Definition of sustainability: The capacity to endure; to make sure that the resource lasts for future generations to use it.

Essential Questions:
  1. How can we reduce the amount of electricity we use in the classrooms?
  2. After lessons in the classroom, students, teachers and cleaners tend to leave the classroom without  switching off the air-cons in the classroom. How can we reduce the number of times these kind of problems appear?
  3. Sometimes the students blast the air-cons because they like it cold even though a lot of electricity if used, how can we stop them from doing that?
  4. Students usually like to turn on the fans even though the air-cons are already being turned on. By doing that, our school will use up a lot of electricity. Are there any ways to stop students from doing that and just use the aircons/ fans instead?
  5. Sometimes students and teachers tend to leave the projector on when they leave for recess because IT reps already left and they don’t know how to turn it off. How can we educate students to learn how to be able to help switch off electrical appliances in order to save electricity?
  6. Are the light bulbs used environmentally friendly and last a longer time than the usual light bulbs?
  7. How can the students be more responsible and play a part in turning off electrical appliances after use?
  8. Many students use the electricity to do useless things in school like gaming, how can we educate them to make sure they use electricity wisely?
  9. Many students like to use the school’s power plug to charge many other unnecessary devices in school.

Our Decision
We chose:
Are the light bulbs used environmentally friendly and last a longer time than the usual light bulbs?

Light bulbs are used worldwide, it uses a lot of energy, using loads of electricity and in turn, quickly using up our fossil fuels. These contribute to global warming, which is a pressing matter. We are trying to sustain electricity by conserving electricity and making it able to maintain at a certain level or rate.

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