Discussion of Findings

After collecting all of the data from Year 1 to Year 3 of the School of Science and Technology through the survey, we reached some conclusions.

From the survey, we found out that from the classes of Year 1 to Year 3, 44.4% (1dp) of them turn off the lights after using them while 55.6% (1dp) of the classes do not. 

Of all of the reasons given why the lights were not turned off, 53.3% (1dp) of the them said that the main reason for not turning off the lights was because they thought that someone else was going to do it. 40% of those people said it was because they were not the last in class. 13.3% (1dp) of them stated that it was because the class door was locked already. 0% of those people said it was because they were rushing off or was distracted by something else. Therefore, the main cause of the lights not turned off was because many people rely on others to do it for them. 

Also from the data collected, we found out that 58.3% (1dp) of the classes receive reminders from their class chairman and teachers while 40.7% (1dp) of the classes were not reminded. This shows that the reminders are not effective. As it was mentioned above, many people thought someone else was going to turn off the lights, so there isn't a single person in charge of the lights and the reminders have no effect on the rest of the classes. 

As from the data collected from the survey, 15.2% (1dp) of the people have energy saving devices while 84.8% (1dp) of them do not. We concluded that because many people do not have energy saving devices, that's why most people do not have a habit of saving electricity.
We did an extension and found out a bit more. About half of the people know about solar chargers for laptops, however, the price is always too high and therefore, they do not own one. 

Once again, we sincerely thank those who responded to our survey! :) 

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