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From the left to the right: Seraphina, Siting and Chin Ning ~ 

Journal for 19/9/13

I finally managed to sync the pictures in a few days ago and hence I finished the video. There were a few mistakes here and there regarding the subtitles hence I slightly changed the script. The solutions are thought by Seraphina and Siting during the lesson times while I usually continue editing the video. * credits them * I think everyone did a great job on the blog, solutions etc. Hope we get a high mark (:

- Chin Ning

Journal for 3/9/13

We had to stay back in school after a long Chinese talk which we all signed up for. The talk was rather enjoyable. :) After the talk, Seraphina and I went to do IRS while Chin Ning had a little break and did not know where she disappeared to. Since we could not find Chin Ning, we left some work for her to do while we finished the rest.

- Siting

Like what Siting had mentioned, we attended a Chinese talk and it was quite fun ^^ After a few hours, Siting and I finished our part in this whole project. Sure, there will always be conflicts in the group, but I think we will be able to overcome that.

- Seraphina

Journal for 29/8/13

I was still syncing the voiceovers with the subtitles and pictures. It will take around 3 days judging from the 1-minute video proposal I done at first. A few weeks ago, we actually went to retrieve our old script which we edited a long time ago, and luckily we found it. Seraphina also roughly finished the summary and I am really thankful about that !

- Chin Ning

We received more suggestions from the teacher on how to improve our survey results and tabulations. Now we have to do more work on the survey tabulations. It is also getting more tiring and difficult for us to work together as a group. We slowly start to complain about the stress and not want to do too much work. I really hope we can all overcome this obstacle. Since there is not lesson next week, we will try our best to complete as much work as we can before the lesson.

- Siting

Journal for 28/8/13

Doing a summary of the survey is proving quite challenging because of all the statistics. Also, we do not have much time left for this project with the End Of Years exams coming while we attend CCA. This is definitely a stressful period, and we are currently trying our best to cope with everything. I really hope everything pays off! :)

- Seraphina

Journal for 22/8/2013

We followed the teacher’s instructions given to us during class and added in the necessary tabs. We are also trying our best to complete the final part of our proposal video. I am thinking of using another software so that the video can have much better effects and will be good. Seraphina and Siting are doing the summary of the survey. We had great results from the survey and we sincerely thank the people who answered the survey. ^^

- Chin Ning

Journal for 6/8/2013

These few weeks, our team did not have enough time to meet up as we were all assigned different projects. Thus, we decided to split up the workload so that we can complete this IRS project as well as the others. Along the way, we faced some difficulty. However, we still managed to complete the survey questions and proposal video. Teamwork really paid off. :D

- Siting and Seraphina

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