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Seraphina: Our school uses a lot of electricity, therefore the staff wants us to conserve as much electricity as possible. One of the ways to conserve electricity is through the light bulbs. Our topic is unusual in a way as many people would often target the air cons or fans to conserve electricity. However, they often forget that light bulbs use up a lot of electricity too. One of the ways to conserve electricity used by light bulbs is through “Earth Day”. It is when people all around the world turn off all of their lights for an hour, saving a lot of electricity during the process. Inspired by this and wanting to make a change in the world, we came up with different innovative ways to conserve electricity that light bulbs use.

Chin Ning: The whole purpose of us exploring our topic is that we hope to reduce the amount of electricity being used in SST, thus reducing the amount of fossil fuels used, and the rate of consumption would not be that high such that the effects of Global Warming occurs at an alarming rate. Many people already came up with fresh and innovative ideas to save electricity with the least possible amount of money. The different ideas worked for different areas. One idea was for the light bulbs to be positioned differently at different areas, providing the maximum amount of light to an area. Other people save electricity by using LED light bulbs instead of the normal ones. But of course, the most innovative way we heard of was using water bottle light bulbs that villages without electricity use for a source of light. There are still many other solutions that we can come up with that are not far-fetched.

Siting: By deciding on this topic, we would be helping the school community to save electricity and money. This topic is manageable and feasible as the different solutions suggested is possible to be done within our power. Different types of concrete evidence can be obtained from the different people in the school community about our school’s electricity bills and the type of light bulbs used in our school, therefore there are many ways to find out more about this topic. As the school community is helping us to pay for our bills, it would only be right if we try to help them save money by conserving electricity.

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